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Safer States’ 2024 analysis of anticipated state legislation addressing toxic chemicals and plastics across the country suggests that PFAS “forever chemicals” could be banned in more uses than ever in 2024 state bills. At least 36 states will consider more than 450 bills on toxic chemical and plastics related policies. The analysis further finds that banning “forever chemicals'' will continue to dominate in 2024, with at least 35 states introducing policies. Other significant legislation anticipated for 2024 will address toxic plastics, safe drinking water, and hazardous chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products.

Today, Safer States released its 2023 analysis of anticipated toxic chemical related policies across the country, finding that PFAS “forever chemical” policies will, again, dominate policy agendas in states nationwide–with at least 28 states expected to consider PFAS-related policy. Addressing plastic pollution and toxic chemicals in cosmetics are also expected to be key focus areas for many state policies in 2023. Altogether, at least 31 states will consider approximately 260 bills on toxic chemical policies in 2023.

At least 32 states will consider more than 210 bills on toxic chemical policies  (WASHINGTON, D.C.)—Safer States today released its annual analysis of anticipated state policies across the country on toxic chemical laws, predicting that toxic “forever chemical” regulation and clean-up will significantly drive this year’s state-level policies on toxic chemicals. Similar to 2021, efforts […]
Rite Aid and Target commit to screening beauty products marketed to women of color for toxic chemicals More than 65,000 stores worldwide pledge to eliminate or reduce toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” in food packaging WASHINGTON, D.C. — A new report released today by the Mind the Store campaign finds significant chemical policy improvement with nearly 70% of companies surveyed having […]
Toxic PFAS regulation and clean-up driving the majority of more than 180 expected policies for this year (WASHINGTON, D.C.)—Safer States today released its annual analysis of anticipated state-level policies on toxic chemical regulation, finding that at least 27 states will consider policies in 2021. Safer States anticipates that at least 180 bills will be under consideration […]
Toxic Flame Retardants and Chemical Disclosure Top Toxic Chemical Issues for States (Portland, OR) – In an effort to fill regulatory gaps left by the federal government, states are stepping up to protect public health from harmful chemicals, according to an analysis by Safer States. The analysis found that at least 28 states will consider more […]

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