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Pennsylvania Clean Water Action has led efforts to protect public health from toxic chemicals and promote environmental justice. The Commonwealth grapples with various exposure concerns, from PFAS  lurking in everyday products to lead hazards from various sources and chemicals associated with fracking. While tackling diverse threats, Pennsylvania has adopted several proactive measures to prevent toxic chemical exposure such as establishing drinking water standards for PFOA and PFOS and adopting a fracking wastewater disposal ban. These efforts demonstrate Pennsylvania’s commitment to protecting public health and the environment from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals.

Advocates for Air Quality: Testifying at Public Comment Hearing on Coke Facility Permit

Qiyam Ansari, Western PA Environmental Justice Organizer testifying at a public comment hearing about improving air quality protections in permit for a major Coke facility.

Maurice Sampson Addresses PFAS Exposure Risks: Testifying at PA House Committee Hearing on Firefighter Occupational Health

Maurice Sampson, Eastern PA Director, testifying at a Pennsylvania House Veteran Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee hearing on occupational health hazards for firefighters about PFAS exposure.

Legislative Overview: Pennsylvania

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