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States Leading The Way

In a state with a legacy of forward-thinking policy to protect public health, the Oregon Environmental Council has provided leadership to support state adoption of policies and programs that reduce toxic chemical exposures and shift to safer solutions. Oregon boasts a strong track record as one of the pioneering states to proactively phase out chemicals of concern in children’s products and enact Sustainable Purchasing Executive Orders. Notably, the Oregon Toxics Reduction Program is playing a pivotal role by providing technical assistance and resources to businesses to help them reduce their use of toxic chemicals.

OEC Staff in National REI Campaign

Oregon Environmental Council’s staff participated in the national campaign urging REI to ban PFAS “forever chemicals” from their products. In early 2023, following a nationwide campaign and state regulatory actions, REI announced it would ban PFAS in its textile products and cookware.

Supporting Safer Cosmetics

Jamie Pang, Environmental Health Program Director at Oregon Environmental Council, testified in support of SB 546, a state bill that would restrict toxic chemicals in cosmetics. In 2023, the bill was signed into law.


Legislative Overview: Oregon

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