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With key leadership from Vermont Conservation Voters, Vermont PIRG and Vermont Natural Resources Council, Vermont has been at the forefront of addressing toxic chemical exposure, adopting nation-leading legislation regulating chemicals of concern such as PFAS, toxic flame retardants, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. 

Vermont faced a significant toxic chemical exposure crisis when PFAS was discovered in the drinking water in the town of Bennington, likely due to industrial contamination from a local manufacturing plant. This led to further investigations and actions to address other sources of toxic contamination in the state, including implementing regulations on toxics in consumer products and monitoring drinking water for contaminants like PFAS.

VPIRG Staff Delivering Petition to REI

Advocates in Vermont participated in the national campaign urging REI to ban PFAS “forever chemicals” from their products. In early 2023, following a nationwide campaign and state regulatory actions, REI announced it would phase out PFAS in its textile products and cookware.

Vermont Legislation Champion: Representative Dane Whitman

Vermont Representative Dane Whitman, who represents the Vermont town with the most well-known and widespread case of PFAS contamination in drinking water, describes the importance of banning toxic chemicals like PFAS from consumer products.

Vermont Attorney General Charity Clark Supporting Toxic Chemical Policy

Vermont Attorney General Charity Clark speaks in strong support for S.25, a bill passed unanimously through Vermont’s Senate in 2023 that would ban several toxic chemicals and chemical classes from personal care products and period products and ban PFAS from textiles and artificial turf.

Protect Me from Toxics!

Children are particularly vulnerable to toxic chemical exposure. At a 2014 press conference, the children of environmental health advocates participated in supporting policy that would protect them from toxic chemicals.

Legislative Overview: Vermont

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Leading Allies in Vermont

Vermont Conservation Voters

Vermont Natural Resources Council

Vermont Public Interest Research Group