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States Leading The Way

For over two decades with leadership from Toxic-Free Future, Washington state has adopted ground-breaking prevention-based policies to tackle the most harmful chemicals by restricting or requiring disclosure of chemical classes in products, and identifying and incentivizing the adoption of safer alternatives. Washington is at the forefront of adopting policies to restrict PFAS, toxic flame retardants, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals in products.

Washington Advocates in the National REI Campaign

Toxic-Free Future’s Mind the Store program led a national campaign urging REI to abandon PFAS. Here are some highlights from the campaign and advocates in Washington outside REI stores. In early 2023, in response to the campaign and state regulatory actions, REI announced it would phase out PFAS in its textile products and cookware.

Washington Leading the Nation in Prevention-Based Policies

Toxic-Free Future Executive Director Laurie Valeriano testified in the Washington State Legislature, calling for a ban on PFAS in firefighting foam. Washington became the first state in the nation to ban PFAS in firefighting foam in 2018.

Science Drives Policy in Washington State

Toxic-Free Future Science Director Erika Schreder presents her research on toxic flame retardants in electronics. Toxic-Free Future uses original scientific research and investigative reports to bring important environmental health issues to the forefront to support policymakers, corporate decision-makers, government agencies, health advocates, and non-scientists in making an impact in Washington.

Washington Governor Signs Historic Cosmetics Bill

 In May 2023, Washington Governor Inslee signed the Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act, which bans more chemicals of concern in beauty and personal care products than any other state or federal law. It’s the first law in the nation to restrict lead and ban ortho-phthalates in these products.

Washington Legislative Champion: Representative Sharlett Mena

Representative Sharlette Mena (D-Tacoma) testified in support of the Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act, a bill she sponsored. In 2023, this nation-leading bill became the strongest in the U.S. to regulate toxic chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products.

Legislative Overview: Washington

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