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States Leading The Way

Connecticut Clean Water Action has led the efforts to restrict toxic chemicals including bisphenols, lead, and PFAS in key product sections. Like other states, Connecticut has concerns about toxic chemicals such as lead and PFAS. For instance, Connecticut has a significant number of older homes and buildings, which increases the risk of lead-based paint hazards. Additionally, firefighting foam containing PFAS was used for many years at the Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks. A 2019 leak of firefighting foam from a hangar at the airport resulted in 40,000 gallons of foam entering the Farmington River.

Governor Lamont Signs Policy Restricting the Use of PFAS

Connecticut director Anne Hulick joined Governor Lamont, leaders from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Department of Public Health, Department of Emergency Services, allies, the Mayor of Windsor, and many residents in a momentous bill-signing ceremony along the Farmington River in Windsor, CT—the site of the tragic spill of firefighting foam in 2019.

Polluted Polly Visits Hartford, CT

In 2022, Polluted Polly visited our allies living in frontline communities like Hartford, Connecticut, which hosts an infamous trash incinerator. Polluted Polly and advocates in Connecticut urged retailers like Burger King and policymakers to ban PFAS in food packaging.

Connecticut Advocates Participate in National BPA Campaign

In 2016, advocates in Connecticut urged Shaws to ban toxic BPA as part of the national Mind the Store campaign.

Legislative Overview: Connecticut

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Leading Allies in Connecticut

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