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With leadership from the Colorado Sierra Club, Conservation Colorado, the Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition, and others, the state has established policies and programs to regulate the use and disposal of toxic chemicals, and address the cumulative impact of pollution in environmental justice hotspots. Given Colorado’s historical involvement in mining, oil and gas production, and military activities, exposure to toxic chemicals is a significant environmental health concern. Notably, the state has made progress by creating funding mechanisms for PFAS assessment and water filtration, tackling toxic air pollution, and addressing other pollution-related challenges.

Governor Polis Signs PFAS Bill into Law

Colorado advocates gather for the signing of PFAS policy in 2022.

Colorado Environmental Health Advocates

Colorado environmental health advocates unite for a healthier future.

Colorado Governor Signs PFAS Bill into Law

In 2019, Colorado PFAS advocates witnessed the signing of a state policy to prohibit toxic PFAS chemicals in firefighting foam.

Legislative Overview: Colorado

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