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Minnesota Clean Water Action has led the efforts to restrict toxic chemicals including bisphenols, lead, and PFAS in key product sectors. Like other states, Minnesota experiences toxic chemical exposure from historic mining and industrial operations, as well as ongoing exposure to pesticides, PFAS, lead, and other hazardous substances. To reduce toxic chemical exposure, Minnesota enacted the Toxic Free Kids Act, which restricts certain chemicals in children’s products and requires manufacturers to report the use of chemicals of high concern in these products. Leaders in Minnesota are working to ensure that everyone in the state has access to clean air, water, and healthy food.

Minnesota Clean Water Action Amara Strande press conference

Amara Strande Joins Lawmakers in Introducing PFAS Policy

In 2023, Amara Strande, a 20-year-old woman from Minnesota with an exceedingly rare form of cancer, testified in support of introduced legislation that would address toxic PFAS chemicals in Minnesota. You can read her full testimony here

Avonna Starck Testifying in Support of PFAS Policy

Avonna Starck, Clean Water Action State Director, testified in support of a policy that would reduce exposure to PFAS in homes and in the environment.

Coon Rapids Town Hall Meeting

Clean Water Action Minnesota members met with Avonna Starck, Senator Judy Seeberger, Representative Jeff Brand, and coalition partner Andrea Lovell from Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy at a town hall to discuss PFAS legislation in Minnesota.

Legislative Overview: Minnesota

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Leading Allies in Minnesota

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