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What the federal government should do that states are already doing

Today, Safer States joined with 35 allies in asking the federal government to follow the states’ lead and move toward safer, non-toxic materials and products and away from toxic chemicals like PFAS through their purchasing power. PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are a class of chemicals known to cause harm to people and the environment.

This comes at a time when states and municipalities across the country have already stepped up to use their purchasing power to stop contributing to the PFAS contamination crisis. States are on the frontline, dealing with massive cleanup costs due to drinking water contamination from PFAS chemicals and by using their purchasing power, they are helping prevent PFAS upstream. States like Michigan, New York, Connecticut, and Minnesota have already committed to purchasing PFAS-free solutions and are demonstrating how feasible it is to be part of the solution. Now we need the federal government to follow suit.

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