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House passes PFAS Action Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The United States House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill (H.R. 535) today that would begin to address the country’s PFAS crisis. The bill would restrict PFAS air and water pollution and jumpstart cleanup at polluted sites across the country. It passed the House by a 247 to 159 margin with 24 Republicans voting for the bill.

“As more and more communities suffer the health consequences of exposure to these highly toxic chemicals in the water they drink, the food they eat, and the furniture in their homes, Congress is getting a clear message that they must take action,” said Safer Chemicals Healthy Families Director Liz Hitchcock. “The PFAS Action Act will take good steps toward addressing this growing crisis. We thank the co-sponsors of this bipartisan bill and look forward to more work together as we take on pollution from these ‘forever chemicals.’”

“Action to address the PFAS crisis needs to happen at all levels of government. We are pleased to see Congress stepping up to jumpstart cleanups and restrict PFAS pollution, as states like Washington put bans on PFAS in products in place,” said Laurie Valeriano, Executive Director of Toxic-Free Future. “PFAS pollution is an all hands on deck situation that can be solved if bans are put in place, cleanup of pollution happens rapidly and polluters are held accountable.”

“States are stepping up to the plate to turn off the tap on PFAS,” said Sarah Doll, National Director of Safer States. “We need to prevent PFAS from getting into communities, firefighters and the environment, not just clean it up. As states start their 2020 legislative sessions, we anticipate more action to protect communities from PFAS pollution.”

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