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Earth Day 2019: Towards a Nontoxic Future

This Earth Day, we’re taking a look back at the last year and are full of hope for our communities and the Earth. From states stepping up to protect their citizens to retailers making big commitments to eliminate toxic chemicals in products they sell, great progress has been made to make communities healthier.

States have been leading the way to protect people from toxic chemicals. From passing first-in-the-nation bans on PFAS chemicals in food packaging and firefighting foam to regulating toxic flame retardants, passing disclosure policies, and introducing toxics legislation in 31 states so far in 2019, states are showing that they care about their citizens and will do the hard work to protect them. Way to go!

The market has been listening to calls to eliminate toxic chemicals as retailers and manufacturers alike work with advocates to protect consumers. For example, thirteen retailers came together to ban deadly methylene chloride in paint strippers.

Market innovation is particularly exciting as we saw companies like Britax, Nuna, and Uppababy started offering safe, toxic flame retardant free models after hard work from advocates like the Ecology Center. Product redesigns like this show that with some ingenuity, we can solve big problems!

These gains give us hope for a toxic free future. We aim to make the next Earth Day even better!

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