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Celebrating Connecticut’s Administrative Victory

Clean Water Action in Connecticut has scored a huge victory for public health. After years of pressure from advocates, several state agencies are taking steps to educate the public on the dangers of toxic chemicals. On June 14th, the Departments of Consumer Protection, Public Health, and Energy and Environmental Protection announced a new joint initiative to publish lists of chemicals of concern to children, including detailed reports and information on safer alternatives.

The first chemicals the agencies are warning the public about are three flame retardants: TDCPP, TCEP, and HBCD. These chemicals, commonly used in many children’s products including crib mattresses and car seats, have been shown to increase risks of cancer and endocrine disruption. The state website listing the toxic chemicals includes a consumer-focused fact sheet that helps families avoid products that may harm their health.

“This announcement is an exciting milestone for all Connecticut residents” stated Anne Hulick, RN, MS, JD, and Coalition Coordinator.  “There is an overwhelming body of research linking exposure to chemicals of concern from products commonly used for children to very serious health issues including cancers, reproductive disorders and learning and behavioral disorders.  This work will truly help parents and all CT residents to be more informed and to have a place to go to for trusted information.  We applaud everyone that worked hard to make this happen,” added Hulick.

State administrations have great power to protect children and families from harmful chemicals. We applaud Connecticut for this move encourage other states will follow suit. Find the official press release here:

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