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Are We Extreme?

In June, Cal Dooley of the American Chemistry Council called legislation to protect American families from toxic chemicals “extreme.” Since then, we’ve heard from people all over the country who disagree—they know that caring about toxic chemicals isn’t extreme. It’s not partisan, and it’s not political. It’s a human issue. And, for some clergy members, it’s even more than that.

The Reverend Laura Everett is the executive director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches. She says that safeguards aren’t extreme—they’re necessary, and tie into the spiritual work she does every day.

“Safer chemicals are urgently needed if we’re going to protect all of this good Creation and God’s children from health damage associated with persistent toxic chemicals.”

Thankfully, Congress is listening to the voices of people like Rev. Laura and others, and has passed the Safe Chemicals Act out of committee. But we still have a way to go to make sure the bill gets the votes it needs when it comes to the floor.

Will you join Rev. Laura and legions of moms, dads, clergy, physicians, nurses and citizens and notify your Senator that you support the Safe Chemicals Act? The time is now. Take action using the buttons below.

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