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Market and Federal Action

What we do

Transforming the Market and Inspiring Federal Action

To achieve a healthier future, the Safer States Alliance builds strategic alignment around common goals and supports state-based allies’ engagement in efforts to secure federal and corporate policies that lead to identifiable safer materials and solutions.

Synergistic state and market action can transform the national marketplace.

Retailers, brands, and manufacturers are more likely to change practices if they see that states are taking regulatory action, and market changes give governments the demonstrated support necessary to codify protections. Our collective ability to move major corporations, retailers, and governments toward safer solutions creates a network of protection.

Market Action

In partnership with Toxic-Free Future’s Mind the Store program, the Safer States Alliance supports on-the-ground action that convinces retailers, brands, and manufacturers to get ahead of government regulation and develop strong chemical policies to reduce and eliminate toxic chemicals and materials in products, packaging, and plastics.

Federal Action

State action to restrict toxic chemicals in products and drinking water, including shifts to safer solutions, serve as models for Congress and federal agencies and pave the way for national reform. The Safer States Alliance supports federal action that incentivizes investments in solutions, protects communities, workers, and the environment from toxic chemical threats, and secures resources to address harm.

The Alliance works with Toxic-Free Future’s federal policy program to ensure that solutions to the PFAS crisis are truly safer.  One priority is to support efforts to ensure that as the federal government switches away from PFAS-containing firefighting foam, they switch to firefighting foams that are effective and proven safer, such as those that are Green Screen Certified.