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The New Reuse Economy Spurred by Plastic Pollution and Local Entrepreneurs

May 18, 2022

Miriam Gordon, Policy Director, Upstream

The world is waking up to the fact that our current Throw-Away Economy is not compatible with living on a finite planet. Rather than treating people and the planet as disposable, we need to move to a New Reuse Economy where consumer products are delivered in reusable packaging made from justly produced, sustainable and non-toxic materials.

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Mark Hyland, Board Chair for Defend Our Health Speaks on PFAS in REI

April 28, 2022

Mark Hyland, Board Chair for Defend Our Health

Mark Hyland, Board Chair for Defend Our Health, has been an REI member since 1973. PFAS contamination is a huge problem in his home state of Maine where multi-generation dairy farms have closed forever due to this “forever chemical”. He is urging REI to step up to the plate and address PFAS in their products now rather than later.

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Mark Hyland

Polluted Polly Applauds Burger King for Taking Action Against Toxic PFAS Chemicals

March 30, 2022

Polluted Polly

Hi friends, Polluted Polly here! We probably met last year as I launched my neighbor-to-neighbor push to ban toxic chemicals like PFAS, otherwise known as the ”forever chemicals,” in food packaging. I’ve traveled the country and met so many great friends and leaders, from state legislators working to pass laws that protect our health, to concerned families living with PFAS-contaminated water, to health professionals wanting to reduce exposure to PFAS especially during the time of COVID. I’ve learned a lot on my journey.

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Polluted Polly at Burger King